Since their creation in 1950, Laboratoires Expanscience have been initiating the launch of innovative products on the health and well-being markets, and developing know-how relating to Dermo-Cosmetics, Rheumatology, Dentistry, Dermatology and Cosmetic Active Ingredients. Complementary activities that evolve in perfect synergy.

Expanscience Laboratories are also essential through:
– their care products for babies and pregnant women: Mustela ® Baby and Mustela ® 9 Months (stretch mark care), European leaders in pharmacies,
– Piascledine 300 ® which occupies a leading position in France in the symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis.

For the development of Laboratoires Expanscience, pharmaceuticals represent a strategic pivot. Thus, they made the choice of a selective distribution with the presence of the pharmacist. Most products require this advice, as well as a recommendation or a medical prescription.
Thanks to the commitment of their 923 employees (including 759 in France and 164 in the subsidiaries) and a strong international presence, via 8 subsidiaries and 72 distributor countries under contract, Laboratoires Expanscience achieved in 2010 a turnover of 233 million euros.

Lastly, Laboratoires Expanscience benefits from solid Research and Development assets thanks to its R&D Center, whose work has led to the filing of more than 60 patents over the past decade.
Since 2004, the company has also been strongly involved in favor of sustainable development. This approach irrigates all the activities of the company, it is accompanied by a specific action plan.